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FSC Issues Statement On Passage Of SESTA

LOS ANGELES —  Yesterday’s vote for SESTA/FOSTA in the US Senate is a dark day for sex worker rights. The bill, which seeks to stop trafficking by limiting how and where people can discuss sex work, will, paradoxically, encourage trafficking, abuse and exploitation by...
Posted On 23 Mar 2018

TPF #MeToo Panel Vibrant, Engaging, Wide-Ranging

PHOENIX – In a discussion which reflected the intensity and depth of engagement of the movement for which it was named, the #MeToo panel at the Phoenix Forum was a spirited conversation which touched on issues ranging from legal concerns to public perception of the adult...
Posted On 23 Mar 2018

Enhance Your Public Speaking with Porn

By Evo Morales Special to YNOT LA PAZ, Bolivia – Hello my American friends! My name is Evo Morales. While I’m quite

CDC: Dreaded Disease Ravaging Legislatures

RICHMOND, Va. – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning about the spread of the

What’s All this I Hear about Holographic Hookers?

By Hugh Murphy Special to YNOT BEVERLY HILLS – Hey there sex- and porn-industry folks! Actor, singer and noted

Bangladesh Celebrates Annual Blocking of Porn Sites

DHAKA, Bangladesh – For this year’s annual festival of pornographic website-blocking, the government of Bangladesh


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Pinedale Forum Taking “Back To Basics” Approach For 2018

PINEDALE, Wyo. – With much of the online adult industry heading to The Phoenix Forum this week, the man behind the industry’s second-favorite late March institution, the Pinedale Forum, is chomping at the bit to kick off his show. “Those Phoenix Forum folks won’t know what hit...

TartElderberry’s Guide To Rank Writing

Every marketer knows one cost-effective, easy, lazy, zeitgeisty promotional tool that has the potency to take their marketing A-Game to the next level while avoiding cliché practices like using the term “next level” is content marketing. Content is King, after all. Or maybe in...