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Boobs, Trees & Lingerie: Rejecting Porn-Sourced Charitable Contributions

Everyone loves giving back to communities and supporting efforts that are near and dear to their hearts, but some orgs don't love getting the giving if it comes in the form of dirty porno money...

Playboy Taps Julie Uhrman as President of Media, Seeks Expanded Market Reach

Playboy recently announced it had tapped Julie Uhrman as its new President of Media. Though this may look like *just* an effort to regain a relevant edge in a world of digital domination, analog mags may actually reach more --not fewer -- customers in today's diversified marketplace.

The Cambassador: Lindsey Banks, Flirt4Free and Brand Representation

Being a brand ambassador has its perks, and so does having a brand ambassador on your team. We talked to Jamie

A Good Kind of Opportunist: Dan Hogue, Early Webcam Entrepreneur

In the early days of the adult webcam industry, Dan Hogue saw a problem: Cam networks were maximizing their own

Building Bridges On Shifting Ground: Flirt4Free’s Carlos Diaz

Flirt4Free's Carlos Diaz took some time out to chat with YNOT about his work behind the scenes -- and why it's

ImLive’s Mere Menezes Siqueira Manages Models, Makes the Machine Work

Though we often think of cam models as wholly independent, there are endless questions and issues that come up when