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Assistant Attorney General Joseph Hunt

FOSTA Lawsuit: Government Responds to Woodhull’s Appeal

The government has filed its response to the plaintiffs' appeal in Woodhull Freedom Foundation v. U.S., a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of FOSTA. Unsurprisingly, the government restates the arguments it made in district court.
Posted On 24 Apr 2019

Minecraft Censored as Porn by Chinese Government

It is well-known that the Chinese government is squeamish when it comes to sexual content. This includes professionally produced porn, as well as amateur sex tape-type content. For instance, a notice issued by China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal...
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Rogue Designers, Copyright Infringement and “Willfulness”

In a copyright case that features a phenomenon familiar to adult website operators -- the 'rogue designer' -- the

YNOT Unveils CAMMUNITY, New Event for Cam Models & Clip Stars

YNOT Events announced today the launch of CAMMUNITY, a new industry event designed specifically for cam models,

Google Fined (Again) By EU Commission for Antitrust Violations

The European Commission announced yesterday that it has levied a fine of €1.49 billion ($1.69 billion US) for

TX Bill Would Criminalize Unsolicited Sending of Sexually Explicit Images

Texas State Rep. Morgan Meyer has introduced a new bill, H.B. 2789, which would create the criminal offense of