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Legal lessons

Legal Lessons From the Miami Velvet Case May Still Be Coming

MIAMI, Fla. – Back in September, I wrote about a federal jury in Miami awarding a little under $900,00 to 32 women who sued the swinger’s club Miami Velvet, presenting the case as a reminder that it’s never good business to use content to which you don’t own the rights. As it...
Posted On 10 Dec 2019

HotMovies’ Facial Recognition Tool Will Find Your #PornTwin

Philadelphia, PA – HotMovies is pleased to announce the debut of its state-of-the-art facial recognition tool. The tool works like this: Just plug a picture into the search, and the HotMovies algorithm will find a porn doppelganger from its database. The face matching software...

Kenzie Taylor is Marvel-ous

If you’ve been in the adult industry for more than five minutes, you’ve heard of Axel Braun. And currently, if

Plexstorm: Video Game Streaming for Grown Ups

YNOT recently spoke JeyKey and JuicyJay, the co-founders of the adult-friendly video game streaming platform

Primal Fetish: Power, Fantasy and ‘Superheroine Shame’

“In 2010, we started making content and failed completely,” Michael Masters shared. He explained that, back then, Dirty Video Games Poppin’ All Over the Internet

September 12 was National Video Games Day, which basically means that had its own holiday. First