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Reluctant Pornographer Erika Lust Shut Down by YouTube

Erika Lust, director of porn, recently had her YouTube channel shut down. True to form, the industry rallied to support a member of the community with public tweets calling out sex negativity and discrimination.
Posted On 16 Jul 2018

The “Error” Made in Stormy’s Arrest Runs Deeper than the Law

The Columbus Police Chief says Stormy Daniels' arrest was an "error" which stemmed from a misreading of the law. Other mistakes informed the situation, though - including the ongoing mistake of equating all sex work with "human trafficking."
Posted On 16 Jul 2018

Age Verification: Coming Soon to an Adult Industry Near You?

With a government-mandated system pending in the UK, age verification is back on the mind of the adult industry.

Social Media and Copyright Law: Three Cases to Watch

With social media use becoming virtually ubiquitous worldwide, the publication, sharing and re-sharing of

Confused by Grandma FB, Snotty Insta and Snap? Frontline Social Media Pros Weigh In

There is so much social media happening today! All of it's important, and all of it's different. We asked two

Buttholes Be Damned! Companies, Build Followers and Enhance Engagement

It may feel like porn stars and cam models have all the luck when it comes to brand promotion. Their self-promotion