• DancingBear.com Dances onto DVD

    YNOT – Plushy fans may have cause to celebrate: DancingBear.com, a website that blends clothed-female-nude-male “reality porn” with a nod to the anthropomorphic stuffed-animals fetish, has released its first DVD.

    Released by the new Morally Corrupt label, Dancing Bear plunks a guy in a bear costume down in the middle of adults-only birthday parties, bachelorette parties and going-away partieswhere women are looking to have a bit of uninhibited fun.

    “If you have never seen real bachelorette parties, girls' birthdays, etc., then you are quite simply not going to believe what you see,” said a spokesman for the website. “But this is the sad truth. Chicks go absolutely nuts. Girls go absolutely slutty. It just goes to prove that girls want sex and cock at least as much as guys do. They just are better than us at hiding this fact.”

    According to Morally Corrupt sales representative Brett R, plushy sex is an underserved market in the brick-and-mortar realm.

    “This content is totally unique and should get extra attention from retailers,” he said. “Do you know where your girlfriend is now? Hopefully not sucking the Dancing Bear’s dick. These are real girls, real parties, and the movie is a lot of fun. The CFNM niche is really picking up steam, and Dancing Bear is the original.”

    DancingBear.com’s affiliate program, Program 3, pays $35 to $40 per sign-up and offers a webmaster referral bonus of $200 for each referred affiliate who sends at least eight converting members.
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