• October 15th, 2014
    Business News
    content/attachments/22967-lactationfantasy_main-jpg.html SAO PAOLO, Brazil – Since 2005, LactationFantasy.com has been shooting and serving high-definition lactation porn featuring Latina performers. Prior to Thomas Andrews’ arrival on the scene, no one was shooting much in the genre at all, and certainly not in HD.

    “Any videos you could find were all in standard definition, and you more of less had to take it on faith that there was actually any milk being extracted or expressed from the models’ breasts,” said Andrews, Lactation Fantasy’s self-described engineer, producer and general jack of all trades webmaster. “So I decided to create content worlds apart from anything that had ever been produced previously.”

    YNOT: You’ve said you didn’t start out intending to produce a lactation porn site.

    Thomas Andrews: I actually started off with the idea of creating an amateur Latinas site. As serendipity would have it, during my first serious month ...
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    October 13th, 2014
    Talent News
    content/attachments/22956-kendralust_main-jpg.html DETROIT, Michigan – Although Kendra Lust did some exotic dancing to pay her way through nursing school, she never expected to become a porn star. But after years as a registered nurse, Lust was ready to do something different—and that something was porn.

    Today, the 34D beauty works for companies including Bang Bros, Girlfriends Films and Wicked.

    “I am still fairly new in the adult industry,” Lust told YNOT. “My first film was done in March 2012, and I am still loving what I do. Michigan is where I was born and raised, and I intend to stay here. I am known for my round booty and inviting smile.”

    YNOT: How did you get into porn?

    Kendra Lust: I was always a fan of porn since I could get my mischievous hands on it. In the ...
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    October 10th, 2014
    Business News
    content/attachments/22947-boodigo_2-jpg.html LOS ANGELES – Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen the massive buzz generated by Boodigo, a search engine designed expressly for adult content. Boodigo is meant to give adult surfers peace of mind, among other things.

    “Search for what you’re really looking for, anonymously,” says the single line of type on Boodigo’s otherwise plain home page. And that’s exactly the service Boodigo provides, according to Colin Rowntree.

    Rowntree knows whereof he speaks. He founded Wasteland.com, the oldest BDSM community on the web. His wife, Angie, founded Sssh.com, one of the originators of porn for women and couples.

    “Boodigo is designed to return accurate adult entertainment search results for our customers in a secure, private and anonymous environment,” he told said YNOT.com. ...
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    October 9th, 2014
    Business NewsGay Industry News
    content/attachments/22942-kevinjohnson_good-evil-jpg.html LONG BEACH, Calif. – As a renowned photographer of gay subjects, Kevin Johnson (aka Boots Bryant) describes his work as “straddling the line between filth and art.” In reviewing his work recently, the Long Beach Post newspaper put it this way: “Think Bruce Weber (an influence on Boots) and his figure studies of Bear Pond lathered with some Elbow Grease Lube and leather surrealism.”

    In real life, Johnson does much more than just shoot gay erotic photos. He is the owner of Boots Bryant PR & Photography, “a company that offers a lot of services including photography, product demonstration videos, [public relations], marketing, product development and branding consultation, graphic design, ads and writing,” Johnson told YNOT.com. “I have a ...
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    October 6th, 2014
    Business News
    content/attachments/22922-twilightwomenmain-jpg.html SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – In a world of gonzo lesbian porn sites primarily constructed by men, twilightwomen.com stands out. Unlike its counterparts — where two or more women meet and rip off their clothes without provocation or explanation — twilightwomen offers paced, fleshed-out tales of Sapphic seduction and desire. By the time the steaminess begins, the actresses’ lustful motivations are very clear, inspiring viewers to enter a more satisfying, engrossing voyeuristic experience.

    Laura North is the webmistress for twilightwomen and its affiliate program, twilightwomen Affiliates.

    YNOT.com: What makes twilightwomen different?

    Laura North: We work in long-form, series format, which is in itself somewhat unusual, though certainly not unheard of. We have three ongoing series of full-length movies ...
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    October 2nd, 2014
    Business News
    content/attachments/22905-avvc_mercedescarrera-jpg.html LAS VEGAS – Leveraging their notoriety for profit is an ongoing challenge for adult performers. One option is Adult Verified Video Chat.

    Through the company’s website, porn fans can book live video chats with their favorite performers. The performers charging by the minute, setting their own fees. The result: Everybody wins.

    “We as a company are working on creating a network that allows adult talent to create a quality revenue source to complement their adult video shoots,” said AVVC spokesman Randy Johnson. “No longer can adult stars rely on just one revenue source. They must diversify.”

    YNOT: What makes your site different from other adult chat sites? ...
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    October 1st, 2014
    Novelty and Lingerie News
    content/attachments/22898-groobystore-jpg.html LOS ANGELES – It had to happen: Major league sports teams sell logo merchandise. Pop stars sell logo merchandise. Now a transsexual content creator has joined the merchandising game by opening an online store.

    In addition to branded T-shirts, stickers and other related products, the Grooby Store sells a T-girl version of the old “naked pen” pen novelty. Turn it one way, and the T-girl is clothed. Turn it the other and… Well, you know.

    As well, the producer has launched a T-shirt campaign to build awareness of the brand and T-girls in general.

    Steven Grooby is Grooby Productions’ chief executive officer.
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