• September 19th, 2014
    Business News
    content/attachments/22851-sexdotcom-jpg.html MONTREAL – Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Sex.com is back. After an extended court battle, flight to avoid prosecution, two ownership changes and several false starts at a new life, what has been called “the world’s most valuable domain name” was reincarnated as a combination tube site, dating playground, live sex market and, according to a spokeswoman, “much more.”

    YNOT.com asked Sex.com’s public relations manager Helena Holland for the details.

    YNOT: Define Sex.com as it exists today.

    Helena Holland: Sex.com is an online social community, entirely user-based, where content is almost entirely user-generated. Our users can browse and discover pictures, GIFs and videos, as well as store and organize their favorite content, sourcing internally from other users, their own files or external sites.

    The content ...
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    September 17th, 2014
    Sexuality News
    content/attachments/22840-transformation_main-jpg.html RENO, Nev. – By combining interviews with lifestyle information, personal care tips, entertainment news and history tidbits, Transformation magazine offers readers a different kind of window into the world of T-girls.

    Transformation is a publication that covers the transgender, cross-dressing and drag community with a fun and sexy attitude,” said Hanna Rodgers, president of Transformation Publishing. “We have been in print for over 20 years and are the only publication of our kind produced in America. Not only is Transformation the only magazine for this community printed here, but we aren’t afraid to include erotic nudity and talk about the fetishistic appeal of cross-dressing.”

    YNOT: How and why was Transformation started?

    Hanna ...
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    September 15th, 2014
    Business NewsSexuality News
    content/attachments/22832-edwardshorter_main-jpg.html TORONTO – Edward Shorter PhD pulls no punches when it comes to defining where he believes the adult entertainment industry is overlooking potential profit: BDSM content that appeals to women.

    According to the University of Toronto psychology professor, author and president of consulting firm Edward Shorter Associates, the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has opened the eyes—and libidos—of middle-class women to a whole range of sexuality they either didn’t realize existed or misunderstood. Shorter said he believes the group is willing to pay for porn…but only if the material is properly packaged and marketed.

    In a world dominated by men who would rather brave the risks and download pirated ...
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    September 9th, 2014
    Talent News
    content/attachments/22800-severesociety_jimmydee-jpg.html LOS ANGELES – Severe Society Films is a disciplined, award-winning production company run by BDSM fans, making content for BDSM fans. From the folks at the top to the people at the…uh…bottom, the staff and performers live the life they depict on film

    Dee Severe and her husband Jimmy Broadway co-own the studio in addition to directing, performing and editing. The couple recently released Treacherous, a four-hour BDSM epic featuring more than 50 performers and extras on screen.

    By any standards, including mainstream, four hours is a heckuva lot of material. For a BDSM, the feat is astonishing.

    YNOT: Why the name Severe Society Films?

    Dee Severe: Our original partner in the company was legendary Los Angeles-based whip-master Sir Nik, who directed and performed in a number of our movies. He used to have a BDSM performance art group called Severe Society. That’s ...
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    September 3rd, 2014
    Talent News
    By Peter Berton

    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Transsexual performer Venus Lux has been a very busy girl. Since starting her porn career in 2012, she has appeared in more than 100 movies and directed more than 50.

    “Performing is what I enjoy,” she toldYNOT.com. “Films are what I love creating.”

    YNOT: How has all this rapid success affected your life?

    Venus Lux: This year has been very chaotic in a productive and exciting way. Everything has just exploded. All the attention led me to start on more of my own projects that will expand my company entirely. Tedious details are always in need of fine tuning, but I can promise these upcoming projects will be amazing.

    How did you get into adult?

    I was based in San Francisco when I joined the industry. At the time, Kink.com was seeking ...
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    August 29th, 2014
    Business News
    By Peter Berton

    TORONTO – Grand Slam Media is known for two things: bringing together adult publishers and advertisers and throwing a helluva party every time they get a chance.

    Both aspects worked together to earn the company a 2013 YNOT Award for Best Emerging Company. This year, Grand Slam is nominated in the Best Traffic Services in North America category.

    Jason Hunt is the Canadian company’s global sales executive, and Kelan Stone is head of publisher acquisitions.

    YNOT.com: What or who do you credit for winning the 2013 YNOT Award?

    Jason Hunt: Our ever-growing client base and the new partnerships we have formed are major accomplishments that led us to Best Emerging Company.
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    August 25th, 2014
    Business News
    By Peter Berton

    LOS ANGELES – Computer dating ain’t what it used to be, especially for people looking for more of a one-night stand than a date. So-called “casual dating” websites have sprung up across the World Wide Web like dandelions, offering members everything from vanilla sexual liaisons to every fetish imaginable. Some even enable finding like-minded adults nearby.

    Mixxxer is one such product. The mobile program uses GPS technology to facilitate real-time hookups between users in the same vicinity.

    According to founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Manes, is Mixxxer’s founder and chief executive officer.

    YNOT: How does Mixxxer work?

    Michael ...
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