• July 28th, 2014
    Business News
    By Peter Berton

    PHOENIX – If it is true that 99 percent of men admit to masturbating, then it stands to reason that an online community that caters to male masturbators would be popular.

    That’s premise upon which BateWorld was built. According to the site’s marketing material, it’s “a unique social networking community for men who love to masturbate solo, in groups, in chat rooms, viewing photos and videos or connecting live.”

    More succinctly put, BateWorld is a worldwide jackoff community for men of all sexualities.

    David Maxey is one of the co-founders of the community. YNOT asked him for details.

    YNOT.com: From where did the concept come?

    David Maxey: The founders and owners of BateWorld are ...
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    July 23rd, 2014
    Business News
    By Peter Berton

    MINNEAPOLIS – For those who fantasize about chaste Mormon lovelies having solo and lesbian sex, MormonGirlz.com is a … ahem … godsend.

    Brooke Hunter is the driving force behind the niche website. A self-described Mormon lesbian, Hunter said she launched the online destination as both an erotic adventure and a political statement.

    YNOT.com: What is Mormon Girlz all about?

    Brooke Hunter: Mormon Girlz is the only place where you can find high-quality videos of beautiful sister missionaries having sex, solo and with each other. When you spend all of your time with another beautiful young girl and are forbidden even to kiss, it’s inevitable that the pent-up desire will explode. Mormon Girlz takes you behind the scenes as sister missionaries explore ...
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    July 21st, 2014
    Talent News
    By Peter Berton

    LOS ANGELES – Nick Hawk roared into the public consciousness in Showtime’s reality TV series Gigolos, a series about the lives of male escorts in Las Vegas.

    Hawk cashed in on his infamy by launching a line of sex toys, a booking agency for strippers and careers as an author and consultant specializing in how to seduce women.

    At first blush, it might seem strange that a former Air Force crew chief should end up as an escort and stripper, but spend a few minutes with Hawk and you’ll learn his career path has been anything but accidental. According to him, he “planned out everything in [his] life way in advance.”

    YNOT.com: Most boys want to be cowboys or firemen when they grow up. You wanted to be a gigolo?

    Nick Hawk:When I joined the Air Force, I planned on doing my ...
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    July 18th, 2014
    Business News
    By Peter Berton

    CANADA – JuicyJay, founder and Chief Executive Officer of adult advertising network JuicyAds, is a 15-year veteran of the adult online industry. He and his company have won many industry awards — including the 2013 YNOT Award for Businessman of the Year — which gives him a certain cachet when discussing how the industry works and where it might be headed.

    YNOT.com tracked him down and insisted he share the wealth.

    YNOT: What’s your overall take on the adult online industry?

    Juicy Jay: I remember when I was first exposed to the people and the lifestyle of the industry. It was life-altering. I had already been in the industry several years, earning good money as an affiliate, before I met a single person.

    The people are very open and, most times, honest. They’ll tell you exactly what they are thinking. Everyone’s filter is turned off, but that’s not ...
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    July 16th, 2014
    Talent News
    content/attachments/22454-alurajenson_main-jpg.html By Peter Berton

    LAS VEGAS – A muscular and curvy body, H-cup breasts, blonde hair and a pretty face: When it comes to MILF model Alura Jenson, what’s not to like?

    Jenson has starred in videos produced by Brazzers and Naughty America, among others. But her claim to fame these days is her live webcam shows. Jenson, who was born in Italy, said she loves webcam work and takes it very, very seriously.

    YNOT.com: Please tell us a bit about yourself.

    Alura Jenson: Often people ask me about my physique. It’s unusual to see an Amazon like myself performing in adult movies. My entire life, since before puberty, my shape has always been very muscular with strong, amplified legs and a capable upper body.

    After my military service began, my musculature became more advanced; so did my sexuality. Towards ...
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    July 14th, 2014
    Talent NewsGay Industry News
    By Peter Berton

    MONTREAL – Filmmaker Nica Noelle knows how to create porn, be it straight, lesbian, gay, trans or whatever other niche strikes her fancy. Right now, she is generating media buzz with Mile High Media, jointly launching a new gay studio called Icon Male.

    Noelle’s work dispels the myth that directors must share performers’ gender and/or sexual orientation to make good content for a market. YNOT.com caught up with her recently, to gain insight into what makes her tick.

    YNOT: You’ve had a fairly diverse career.

    Nica Noelle: My career in adult video began when Girlfriends Films hired me to take what was then a very niche lesbian studio and bring it to the forefront of mainstream porn.

    After I accomplished that goal, I moved on to create my own studio ...
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    July 9th, 2014
    Business News
    content/attachments/22406-radiotemptation_1-jpg.html LOS ANGELES – A new kid on the internet radio block is heating up the virtual airwaves with saucy live audio-video webcasts hosted by A-list porn stars.

    Lexington Steele and Allison Moore are among the popular performers to sign on with http://radiotemptation.com/]Radio Temptation[/url], which encourages listeners to call in and/or add their comments via a built-in chat room.

    Sam Hasson, an entrepreneur who said he takes pride in breaking new ground, is the founder of Radio Temptation. He sat down with YNOT.com to give readers the scoop about his latest endeavor.

    YNOT: You didn’t start in the adult industry, did you?

    Sam Hasson: Since 1990, I have been starting businesses that offer new ways to do things. I started a computer ...
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