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    September 6th, 2013
    Niche Marketing
    By Wacek Warszawa

    YNOT Ė Whether youíre new to affiliate marketing or an experienced professional, lowering your acquisition costs and increasing your return on investment will be high on your agenda. Here are some insider tips for lowering acquisition costs.

    1. Use centralized tracking to gather trusted data.

    As an affiliate marketer, you could be receiving traffic from multiple sources at any given time. Without a centralized location to allow you to receive data about conversions from each traffic source, you may experience duplicate conversions ó in other words, you may end up paying for the same conversion twice. By using a centralized ...
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    October 8th, 2012
    Niche Marketing
    content/attachments/17939-wldcouple-jpg.html YNOT Ė Growth in the online casual dating market has been dramatic during the past year, with both white-label providers and individual websites claiming membership increases above 100 percent. While the jump in interest may seem sudden, it really hasnít been. Forces have been aligning to position the online dating segment for enormous growth since the dawn of the digital age.

    Recently, though, several factors came together at once, causing a spike in membership rates. Lauren Barnes, senior partner manager at Casual.WhiteLabelDating.com, offered some explanations and perspective.

    How has the casual market evolved over the past year?

    In the current economic climate, staying in is the new going out. ...
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    June 15th, 2011
    Pay SitesNiche Marketing
    by Peter Berton

    YNOT Ė Sammy Mancini knows shemales. He made his name as a producer of shemale adult movies, and won AVN Awards for his DVD work. But Manciniís real claim to fame is the website ShemaleStrokers.com, one of the first transsexual sites to gain a devoted following for its online video content.

    A staple in the online adult world today, at one time shemale websites were rare. When Mancini launched Shemale Strokers, the concept of a transsexual masturbation site was untested ground. Mancini decided to push the boundary, and he told YNOT.com all about the experience.

    YNOT.com: How did Shemale Strokers come to be?
    Sammy Mancini: I had a friend, Chimera ...
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    April 15th, 2011
    Profiting From Adult Affiliate ProgramsNiche Marketing
    By Mark Brooks

    YNOT Ė White-label dating sites can provide savvy affiliates with a steady stream of residual income, as long as the affiliate and the white-label provider make a good match. If youíre considering employing a white-label site as part of your marketing plan, here are the Top 10 showstopper considerations youíll want to keep in mind.

    1. Critical mass
    The main benefit of using a white-label dating provider is that they have a critical mass of users, so you will convert and make money as soon as you start driving traffic. Be sure the white-labeler has a decent critical mass of users for your chosen demographic and niche focus. That is, if you're starting a dating site for golfers, do they have a few thousand active golfing ...
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    February 4th, 2011
    Alternatives to Credit CardsNiche Marketing
    content/attachments/13344-iphonepornchat-jpg.html YNOT Ė With the explosive growth of online social networking in recent years, porn stars now have several ways to communicate with their fans. But broadcasting the minutiae of everyday life via tweets and Facebook updates is not for everyone, stars and fans alike.

    However, a ubiquitous device allows for a much more intimate form of communication. Yes, itís back to basics folks: Iím talking about the good olí telephone.

    By hosting multi-party conferences with their fans over lines powered by premium-rate numbers, porn stars can make money from callers, regardless whether they actually talk to each one. Hereís how it works:

    The host announces a time and ...
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    December 14th, 2010
    Getting Started with Adult WebsitesPay SitesNiche Marketing
    content/attachments/12883-marketshare-jpg.html YNOT Ė Many of us have heard the business axiom ďin niches are riches.Ē Iíve come to realize there is one even better rule when deciding what to promote and develop in the adult online industry:

    Follow the crowd ... just don't get lost in it.

    Why develop a new, untested genre or a micro-niche when you can create a promotion in a niche that already contains plenty of consumers looking for what you plan to offer? Pick a crowded genre and create a promotion or content designed to feed the starving crowd, even if you think the genre is saturated.

    Why do you think there are so many sites for fans of celebrities or blowjobs? Millions ...
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    March 18th, 2009
    Niche Marketing
    Article Preview The Mad Professor found a note today he had left for himself and neglected to add into his "Fingernails" piece. "Fingernails and smoking," it says, and I remember what it mean too, and that is that fingernails not only relate to touching the body (lips, neck, tits, pussy and cock), but that fingers and hands often handle objects, also often in close-up, so that the nails are frequently showcased. Often the objects handled involve other fetishes, and that is "the touch on the cigarette," in the Mad Professor's stolen logic. But he wasn't going to get into smoking. Now he is tricked into it.Smoking is one of the Mad Professor's areas of least expertise. ...
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    August 15th, 2005
    Niche Marketing
    Article Preview First off, if youíre reading this and youíre thinking you want to start your own amateur site starring yourself, or if youíre a couple, then thatís great and I can certainly understand your desire. My wife Catrina and I were there not that long ago. Here is our story and where we are at this point.We are a pretty sexual couple, and my wife Catrina was getting naked on her cam a lot. We were having fun letting people view us having sex, etc. One day Catrina told a guy if he wanted to see us he'd need to pay, thinking she would get rid of him. Well, as you can imagine, he paid us to view. That was the beginning ...
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    December 2nd, 2004
    Niche Marketing
    Article Preview One of the best ways to sell porn on the internet is to give your website a unique ethnic flair. If your goal is to build a great "Japanese girls" site, for example, youíll find plenty of content that you can license for this purpose. After all, much of Japanís popular culture also has a big audience here in America and in Europe. If your preference is for the girls of Americaís south-neighboring nation, itís not hard to find sets of steamy hot Mexican girls that you can use to build your own online shrine to Latina beauties. As Americaís population of Mexican-Americans increases, so too will consumer appetite for this unique brand of porn. But what happens when you canít find content for the ethnic group that you want to feature? One ...
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    November 26th, 2004
    Niche Marketing
    Article Preview As a writer, Iím not usually at a loss for words. As an English Lit. major, in college (donít laugh) I used to love hunting through the dictionary to find those obscure words that would stump my teachers and send them flipping through their own dictionaries.As a writer, Iím not usually at a loss for words. As an English Lit. major, in college (donít laugh) I used to love hunting through the dictionary to find those obscure words that would stump my teachers and send them flipping through their own dictionaries. That little tactic would usually bump my mark by at least half a grade point, and it also provided me with a great vocabulary over the years. Or, so I thought.

    But, when I came across this post on an adult board a little while ago, I was stumped:

    ďSo, you finally built that anime gallery and you're about to start writing your sales pitch ...
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