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    April 4th, 2011
    Getting Started with Adult WebsitesGraphic DesignContent Management Software
    content/attachments/13820-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – In previous articles we saw how to manage articles, pages, links and multimedia content of your portal built with WordPress. Today's article will focus on the element that, perhaps more than any other, can determine the success or failure of a site: its appearance.

    Establishing unique look and feel in the user’s mind is a very important factor that can establish the success of a portal. On the other hand, a layout that looks “too common” can be confusing and allow your site to become lost among a sea of other similar sites.

    The menu of WordPress has a special section (Appearance) specifically dedicated ...
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    March 3rd, 2011
    Graphic Design
    content/attachments/13575-paintpalette-jpg.html YNOT – When looking to localize digital products, many companies forget the cost of localizing artwork. Artwork, like text, may carry significant cultural “triggers.” This is especially true if the images incorporate text. Even through localizing one piece of artwork can cost much less than translating a few pages of text, the added cost of changes to artwork — or failure to localize at all — can cause problems for the unwary.

    Therefore, the first piece of advice is to consider changes that may be necessary to your artwork when you prepare initial budget figures. Assuming you have done that, there are five additional tips to consider during ...
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    February 10th, 2011
    Adult Websites 101Graphic Design
    content/attachments/13384-ballmaze-jpg.html YNOT – Even the best banner design won’t get you very far if you have a lousy landing page. A landing page is the destination to which users are delivered after they’ve clicked on a banner. You want this page to prompt a certain action from your visitor.

    Here are some landing page design tips to get you started:

    Keep it lean. Just like banner ads, landing pages that contain too much can confuse viewers. Make sure to keep your text in small blocks, rather than dense paragraphs. Leave a lot of white space so the information can be absorbed quickly and easily. Remember: Less is more.

    [b]Give the ...
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