• Online Adult Stores

    April 29th, 2005
    Online Adult Stores
    Article Preview I recently wrote a column about spicing up the variety of merchandise offered through drop-ship online retail stores, but donít think I forgot about those of you building your businesses on a strict budget through affiliate programs. Truth be told, you probably need to offer more than one affiliate host provides. You may have all the toys and movies a customer could ask for, but what about those other popular items that provide customers with variety and keep them coming back? These specialty items can help you increase your revenue, which is the ultimate goal, right?There are plenty of other angles to ďerotica and romanceĒ that go beyond the basic supply of adult films and sex toys. Most people may visit your online store looking for movies, but if you do your job right then many of them will leave with a variety of gifts or amusements for themselves, ...
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    March 15th, 2005
    Online Adult Stores
    Article Preview There are so many adult movie companies that itís hard to know which DVDs and videos one should add to an online retail store. But I do have some favorite distributors that I would like to share with you; generally Iíve found that these guys mean solid profits and mostly receive a warm reception with consumers.Your safe bets are with the Vividís, VCAís, Hustlerís, and Wickedís of the adult world. But there are huge profits in lesser known companies as well, and you should not fail to check them out too; occasionally their product quality is quite high, and some of their films ...
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