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    January 6th, 2012
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    By AJ Hall

    YNOT – Here are three ways to keep your pay site business growing by optimizing your sites and your business model.

    No. 1: Cut production costs
    One way to make more money is to offer customers something new or something better, but this isn’t the only way. Henry Ford quickly rose to the top of the auto business and McDonald’s dominated fast food like no other, but neither offered anything new. Many people think Ford built the first automobile and McDonald’s was the first fast food chain. He didn’t and it wasn’t.

    Ford’s success didn’t come from being first or building a better car than his competitors. His success came from being able to build more product in less time. Ford took advantage ...
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    January 26th, 2011
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    content/attachments/13262-multicultural-jpg.html YNOT – Finding a good localization provider for your website is not just about finding a translator who works in the language pair you seek. Website localization is about appealing to the regional customer, not just insuring he or she is able to read and understand the text.

    A good localization provider not only will understand the rules and grammar of the languages involved, but also have detailed knowledge of the region you are targeting. They will be aware of cultural, political and social situations as well as the language. If the translation team has this additional ...
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    January 6th, 2011
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    content/attachments/13125-languages-jpg.html YNOT – Most people access the internet in their native language. Even if they can speak other languages, they are likely to prefer accessing internet information in their mother tongue. When a company decides to translate its website, it must carefully choose which languages it will concentrate on to allow target customers to access the site successfully.

    How do you determine which languages are most important to your website’s visitors?

    The first place to start looking for an answer is to examine the top languages used by people accessing the internet as a whole. According to Internet World Stats, the most ...
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    December 28th, 2010
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    content/attachments/13072-coopvictory-jpg.html YNOT – The sometimes-contentious relationship between human resources departments and independent recruiters is an age-old issue which continues to vex some people across all sectors. As far hiring goes, in essence both parties' objectives are the same: successfully bring new members into the team.

    All too often, however, instead of working with each other to achieve common goals, a degree of friction develops on both sides. HR departments often view recruiters as simply having their own interests at heart, while from the other angle, recruiters find HR staff an obstacle as they are fully aware that dealing directly with ...
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    December 23rd, 2010
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    content/attachments/12958-recruitretain-jpg.html YNOT – What is the key to continuing e-commerce success?

    Traffic, content and the underlying business model all contribute to growth and give a company solid foundations for ongoing commercial success. One factor which massively influences all of these is the employees and human capital. Their efforts determine your success in every field.

    The retention and recruitment of the best SEO gurus, product managers, web developers, technology officers, financial officers, etc. should be the top priority of any e-commerce business. A certain amount of staff turnover is, of course, natural ...
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    December 9th, 2010
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    content/attachments/12846-languagegifts-jpg.html YNOT – When a company is looking to expand its website’s reach, it should consider whether or not translation is necessary. To answer this question, marketing managers need to consider which countries they already sell to and which countries they are trying to target. They also need to consider the type of products they sell. This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of companies that do not take the time to think through these questions properly before they put a business case together for website translation.

    Let us look at a few examples at the extremes. First, consider a ...
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    November 24th, 2010
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    content/attachments/12708-localization-jpg.html YNOT – When website owners and developers think of website localization, often they consider the top languages in which they should target their website. The top 10 languages in terms of numbers of internet users are:

    1. English
    2. Chinese
    3. Spanish
    4. Japanese
    5. Portuguese
    6. German
    7. Arabic
    8. French
    9. Russian
    10. Korean

    It would be nice if a website owner could have their website translated into these 10 languages and consider the localization task complete. However, those of you who have experience with localization know it is not quite that simple. Culture, product use and language ...
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    November 22nd, 2010
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    content/attachments/12675-communicate-jpg.html By Scott Oliver

    YNOT – Sometimes it can feel as though you’re alone in the online business world, just trying to guess at what will make your customers happy. It would be so much easier if customers would simply tell you what they want and what they don’t want from your business, wouldn’t it? This is why you’re seeing more feedback options on websites than ever before. The trick is to encourage your customers actually to utilize this option for your benefit.

    Here are five ways to encourage customers to give you the feedback you need.

    Make it quick
    When your customers are asked to provide feedback, you shouldn’t necessarily ...
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    June 8th, 2010
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    Article Preview YNOT - Nearly every night on the evening news you hear about some type of scam against individuals, like mortgage scams and non-profit scams. You hear about some business scams normally if they are “big” news. There are of course a number of other scams that are waged against the small business owner, the most popular being advertising, internet services, paper & toner sales, loans and buyers club scams.

    The Advertising Scam: Someone calls and makes an offer to print advertising items like note pads, calendars, flyers, etc., and they request a deposit or “upfront fee” but the problem is that nothing ...
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    December 15th, 2005
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    Article Preview As much as site development is an exercise in creativity and resourcefulness, there are certain elements that can doom any website. As I watch the boards, one of the most frequently requested topics is that of "What steps should I take to make money?" Valid as that question may be, I like to reflect instead on hard lessons learned and what should be avoided. Understanding of common mistakes goes as much to answering the question of "What I should do" as any answer might provide. Therefore, in no particular order, I offer the following 10 common webmaster pitfalls when developing your online empire.Automation: In my opinion, my number one mistake on my first adult site was a tedious and manual operation. ...
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