• Designing Effective Adult Websites

    April 8th, 2014
    Designing Effective Adult WebsitesBusiness News
    By Peter Berton

    HOLLY RIDGE, N.C. – In the world of online adult content distribution, good website design is an absolute must. After all, the most gorgeous of XXX models won’t attract subscribers if the model’s charms aren’t front and center. Likewise, if subscribing is too much hassle, lusty consumers will turn to any of thousands of options that are only a mouse click away.

    Zuzana Designs has satisfied more than 12,000 clients — including Playboy, Vivid, Hustler and MindGeek (formerly Manwin) — with eye-catching, easy-to-use virtual digs. Headed by owner, lead designer and creative director Sarah, the firm has received multiple awards for its work, including the 2013 YNOT Award for Best Web Design Studio.

    Sarah is a married mother of three with a background in the U.S. Army’s Military Police, which she credits for building her work ethic. As YNOT.com learned, she got into the adult website ...
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    June 3rd, 2013
    Designing Effective Adult Websites
    By Peter Berton

    CYBERSPACE – Today’s sex consumers are a tech-savvy lot, accustomed to making decisions based on the quality of a provider’s online presence. Smart sex workers know this, which is why many are turning to professional web designers to format, host and promote themselves in the best possible light.

    Escort Web Design is one company among a handful that specializes in creating and maintaining websites for working girls. According to the owner, Joe, the sector is growing. YNOT.com spoke with him to get his insight and advice.

    YNOT.com: How did you get into this business?

    Joe: I began my career in the print industry in the 1990s, as a graphic designer for a 128-page local adult entertainment magazine called ...
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    August 10th, 2011
    Designing Effective Adult Websites
    By M.Christian

    YNOT – Webmistress Sylvia founded the first geo-based escort guide on the internet, Lovings.com, in 1996. She has had her hands on the site’s operation and design throughout its more than 15 years in business, and to say she is an opinionated witness to the entire history of adult entertainment on the web would be a gross understatement.

    She sat down with YNOT.com to dish about why the adult web is the best and the hardest field of endeavor, bar none; the reason anyone bothered to embrace the new technology way back in the day, and what she calls “the shell game of respectability.”

    YNOT.com: How would you describe Lovings.com to someone who’d never heard of it?
    Sylvia: The spiel? “We're the ultimate ...
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    February 1st, 2011
    Designing Effective Adult Websites
    content/attachments/13309-transglobe-jpg.html YNOT – Finding a good translator is critical to a successful localization project. If potential customers cannot read and understand the text in your website, then they will not buy from you. It is that simple. However, a good translator, even one who has detailed knowledge of the region to which the website is targeted, is not the only item that is important to the success of your localization project.

    It is also important that the technical aspects of your website are localized as well as the text. The colors and symbols used on the various pages should be reviewed to make sure they do not convey a negative meaning and ...
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    January 17th, 2011
    Designing Effective Adult WebsitesGetting Started with Adult WebsitesContent Management Software
    content/attachments/13205-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably followed the previous ones and you’re ready to begin creating a website using one of the most popular content management systems currently in circulation: WordPress.

    We have seen many theoretical aspects of WordPress and analyzed all assessments to be done before buying a hosting space and related services. However, in order to function, all CMSes require certain outside components be installed on the server, and WordPress is no exception.

    Server Requirements:
    • PHP version 4.3 or higher
    • MySQL version 4.1.2 or higher
    • (Optional) Apache mod_rewrite module (for
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    November 16th, 2010
    Designing Effective Adult Websites
    content/attachments/12646-apuzzlepieces-jpg.html YNOT – The basic objective of most adult websites is to make money. One way to do that is to place banner advertisements on your pages.

    Finding the best space to place banners without making their presence too invasive, and therefore counterproductive for generating traffic, can be challenging. Behind the placement of advertising is a very important study on the propensity of users to click in certain spots. For example, a banner at the top of the page is much more profitable than at the bottom.

    In the case of Google’s AdSense, for example, we can enter only a limited number of ads per page, so their placement is of ...
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