• Social Networking for Adult Businesses

    February 21st, 2013
    Social Networking for Adult Businesses
    By Erika Icon

    YNOT – With the rise of social media, companies and individuals increasingly find themselves in need of an expert to manage their presence in cyberspace. Social media interaction is necessary, but it’s also time-consuming. Consequently, “social media expert” has become quite the hot career field.

    Because there is money to be made in trading on social media expertise, long-time users are looking for ways to set themselves apart as experienced and successful. One way to do that is to claim expert status in their Twitter bio. But since the bio, like tweets, is limited to 140 characters, a challenge resides in creatively expressing one’s ...
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    November 6th, 2012
    Social Networking for Adult Businesses
    content/attachments/18126-sexpins-jpg.html YNOT – One of the hottest social networking trends online is Pinterest, which allows Joe Average User to share his favorite images and videos by “pinning” them to categorized virtual boards of his own choosing, usually with links to the source intact. But like so many good ideas in the mainstream, Pinterest isn’t porn-friendly, so it’s of limited use for saving and sharing salacious materials.

    Enter Pinsex, one of a handful of Pinterest alternatives designed especially for lovers of adult entertainment. More than just a place to show off a porn collection, Pinsex offers a social-networking experience that allows fans and professionals to connect in new ways. The site could be a marketing bonanza for studios, performers and webmasters, if they approach it the right way.

    Launched in August, by the end of October Pinsex had acquired more than 15,000 members. The ...
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    February 27th, 2012
    Social Networking for Adult Businesses
    By Connor Young

    YNOT – The online adult entertainment industry has travelled a long path since its rise to prominence in the late 20th Century. We are not today the industry we were just one decade ago. I will leave to others to argue whether the changes have been a positive evolution for a popular industry, or a steady descent into the deepest caverns of business hell. There are valid arguments for many different views here.

    One thing remains constant, though: This industry, for whatever reason, has a real problem with hubris.

    The ancient Greeks gave great thought to the crime of hubris. The term can refer to a number of behaviors, including ...
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