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    February 10th, 2011
    Adult Websites 101Graphic Design
    content/attachments/13384-ballmaze-jpg.html YNOT – Even the best banner design won’t get you very far if you have a lousy landing page. A landing page is the destination to which users are delivered after they’ve clicked on a banner. You want this page to prompt a certain action from your visitor.

    Here are some landing page design tips to get you started:

    Keep it lean. Just like banner ads, landing pages that contain too much can confuse viewers. Make sure to keep your text in small blocks, rather than dense paragraphs. Leave a lot of white space so the information can be absorbed quickly and easily. Remember: Less is more.

    [b]Give the ...
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    January 11th, 2011
    Adult Websites 101Getting Started with Adult WebsitesContent Management Software
    content/attachments/13157-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – We’ve finally reached the long-awaited moment in which we will dive into the world of the WordPress content management system. In previous columns, we saw how to weigh the quality of a hosting service and discussed how the choice of certain parameters over others depends on the characteristics of the portal we wish to create.

    Today we will dedicate ourselves to analyzing the characteristics of the popular content management system.

    We can summarize WordPress in a few simple words:

    WordPress is a platform for “personal publishing” and content management written in PHP. It uses MySQL as a database, which allows the creation of a blog or personal site. Created by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress is distributed
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    January 6th, 2011
    Adult Websites 101Online Adult Marketing TacticsOther TopicsOther Marketing Topics
    content/attachments/13125-languages-jpg.html YNOT – Most people access the internet in their native language. Even if they can speak other languages, they are likely to prefer accessing internet information in their mother tongue. When a company decides to translate its website, it must carefully choose which languages it will concentrate on to allow target customers to access the site successfully.

    How do you determine which languages are most important to your website’s visitors?

    The first place to start looking for an answer is to examine the top languages used by people accessing the internet as a whole. According to Internet World Stats, the most ...
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    December 28th, 2010
    Adult Websites 101Other Topics
    content/attachments/13072-coopvictory-jpg.html YNOT – The sometimes-contentious relationship between human resources departments and independent recruiters is an age-old issue which continues to vex some people across all sectors. As far hiring goes, in essence both parties' objectives are the same: successfully bring new members into the team.

    All too often, however, instead of working with each other to achieve common goals, a degree of friction develops on both sides. HR departments often view recruiters as simply having their own interests at heart, while from the other angle, recruiters find HR staff an obstacle as they are fully aware that dealing directly with ...
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    December 23rd, 2010
    Adult Websites 101Other Topics
    content/attachments/12958-recruitretain-jpg.html YNOT – What is the key to continuing e-commerce success?

    Traffic, content and the underlying business model all contribute to growth and give a company solid foundations for ongoing commercial success. One factor which massively influences all of these is the employees and human capital. Their efforts determine your success in every field.

    The retention and recruitment of the best SEO gurus, product managers, web developers, technology officers, financial officers, etc. should be the top priority of any e-commerce business. A certain amount of staff turnover is, of course, natural ...
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    December 16th, 2010
    Adult Websites 101Adult Traffic Basics
    content/attachments/12910-busyads-jpg.html YNOT – In the article “For the Novice: Structuring RSS Feeds,” we investigated the two types of RSS feeds as well as the advantages and disadvantages of full summary and partial summary versions.

    The best technique to maximize a feed is to integrate the two techniques based on users’ technical abilities and desires. At least in the beginning, I recommend leaving a full summary of the new material within the feed. The advantages to this approach include:

    Creating a structure of loyalty: For the first few months of a new website’s life, the webmaster must focus his efforts on creating a solid base of loyal users who will visit the portal frequently and spread the word to their ...
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