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    June 7th, 2012
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    By AJ Hall

    YNOT – Smarty is an extremely flexible web templating language that’s actually pretty easy to work with. Unfortunately, a lot of people give up on it prematurely and never appreciate its strong points.

    Flexibility makes Smarty attractive when you’re developing software and need a template engine. As a result, many popular adult site-management products —including NATS, the Elevated X CMS, Smart Tube Pro and several others — use Smarty templates.

    It’s a common misconception that to edit templates created in Smarty, one needs to know the language. In truth, most edits to Smarty templates do require users to touch a single line of code. Most edits require nothing beyond adjustments to HTML and CSS inside a Smarty ...
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    February 16th, 2012
    Content Management Software
    By AJ Hall

    YNOT – Choosing a content-management system isn’t easy. There are so many choices and so little honest information that what should be an easy buying decision leaves many business owners frustrated and confused.

    How do you go about choosing the right adult CMS software?

    Here are some tips to help you choose the right product to run your business.

    Tip 1: Pick a reputable product.
    Any software provider that’s been around awhile will have some history. Look for testimonials from known companies and established brands. It’s not a good sign when the only people who will vouch for a CMS are unknowns. ...
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    November 18th, 2011
    Content Management Software
    By AJ Hall

    YNOT – Cutting costs is more important than ever. One of the best ways to increase production and lower an operating budget is to save time with automation.

    Doing more in less time frees up time and cash — two resources we can use to grow our businesses. Saving man-hours is critical in an industry like ours where content production and website building and management take up much of our time.

    There’s never any direct return on investment from updating and managing a website, encoding video or prepping photos. The goal of automation is to boost productivity and cut operating costs by reducing the cost of this work. The result is increased returns.
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    November 11th, 2011
    Marketing on Mobile DevicesWirelessContent Management Software
    content/attachments/15694-lifering-jpg.html By AJ Hall

    YNOT – The word “mobile” has been popping up an awful lot over the past few years. That’s not without reason. For our industry, the mobile push means there’s a new medium for delivering adult content, and this is a very good thing.

    As we head into 2012, use of mobile phones is so common that if a site isn’t mobile-compatible now, it’s already a couple of years behind the times.

    Just about everyone we consider a potential customer has something in common: They own a mobile phone. Over time, we’re becoming more dependent upon our phones for communication, organization, information and personal interaction. Many of us are practically glued to our phones. ...
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    April 18th, 2011
    Content Management Software
    content/attachments/13965-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – In the previous article we dealt with widgets that allow the addition of interesting features to your portal and certainly can help to make it more attractive to users and advertisers.

    Today's article will deal with another important part of the WordPress administration panel: the Menus item that can be found within the Appearance area in the left-hand navigation menu.

    As is easily guessed from the name, the Menus section is used to create a personalized menu to suit the characteristics of each site. Keep in mind that menus are of fundamental importance in user experience.

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    April 11th, 2011
    Content Management Software
    content/attachments/13903-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – In the previous article we focused on WordPress themes and how important theme-related choices can be throughout the life of an online portal. Today we will talk about widgets, which are user interface components that facilitate interaction with the underlying program.

    WordPress themes often contain widgets that are integral to the theme’s function. Because each theme has its own idiosyncrasies, I will describe the appropriate section of the control panel and some of the more globally relevant add-ins.

    To reach the section devoted to widget management, you need to expand the “Appearance” tab in the left-hand ...
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    April 4th, 2011
    Getting Started with Adult WebsitesGraphic DesignContent Management Software
    content/attachments/13820-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – In previous articles we saw how to manage articles, pages, links and multimedia content of your portal built with WordPress. Today's article will focus on the element that, perhaps more than any other, can determine the success or failure of a site: its appearance.

    Establishing unique look and feel in the user’s mind is a very important factor that can establish the success of a portal. On the other hand, a layout that looks “too common” can be confusing and allow your site to become lost among a sea of other similar sites.

    The menu of WordPress has a special section (Appearance) specifically dedicated ...
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    March 28th, 2011
    Content Management Software
    content/attachments/13759-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – In the most recent previous article, we saw how to manage multimedia content in a portal made with WordPress. Now we devote ourselves to creating pages and managing comments.

    We have already seen how to create an article by using the excellent editor the CMS provides. The main strength of the system is its dynamism. Each article, in fact, has a short life from the perspective of the user's attention, but each serves to attract visitors for short periods, which is very useful in the case of promotions and new products.

    WordPress “Pages” are different from articles, in part because their ...
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    March 21st, 2011
    Content Management Software
    content/attachments/13706-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – In the previous article, we saw how to manage content on a website created in WordPress. In particular, we looked at the menu items in the admin panel that allow the placement and management of articles, categories and tags.

    Now we will focus on multimedia components that can help to enrich your portal and to make it attractive to an increasing number of users.

    The term “media” refers to visual content such as images, video and audio that can add interest to any item on your site. Media also can become the basis of a business if you plan to create portals dedicated specifically to pictures or video.
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    March 14th, 2011
    Content Management Software
    content/attachments/13670-createwithwordpress-jpg.html YNOT – Previous columns in this series have given an overview of the fundamental aspects of the WordPress administration panel. By now you should know how each individual item works and be able to figure out where to look in the panel to find specific operations.
    In this column, we will analyze the parts of the admin panel relating to content management.

    First, locate the left-hand dashboard section called “Posts.” When clicked, the menu item expands to reveal several subtopics. Many of the subtopics are standard, but some non-standard items may appear if you have installed plug-ins.

    Let’s look ...
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