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    February 9th, 2006
    Graphics Editors
    Article Preview People are often surprised to hear that I use Apple's iLife to produce virtually all the video content on my website. Being PPs (Performer/Producers), we do everything from producing content to managing our own website. Money and time are real commodities. Thankfully, the customers in the amateur niche prefer we keep things simple. iLife 05/06 is such powerful software, I can finish our updates in very little time and move on to the other areas of managing our internet-based business. So I'll walk you through the basic ...
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    February 23rd, 2003
    Graphics Editors
    Article Preview Video compression seems to be a mystery for some of us in the adult webmaster community. I have seen a lot of questions on various message boards and chat systems asking what do I do with my video clips now that I have them on my computer? Well, there is no simple answer but what I would like to do with this article is explain the basics of a few different video formats and a few game plans to help you on your way.
    Without going into every video compression format available, I would like to cover the top three formats used on the Net currently. Although there are various other formats – some better than others – it would take up too much time explaining the difference, and confuse everyone in ...
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