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    June 7th, 2011
    Adult Traffic BasicsCounters and Analytics
    By Mark Brooks

    YNOT – Quantcast is a web analytics service that competes with the likes of Compete.com, Hitwise and to some extent comScore. We like Hitwise and comScore. But Compete’s and Quantcast’s freemium services are sweet, and both companies pull data from comprehensive, million-person panels based in the U.S.

    Quantcast also allows sites to volunteer to have their data pulled directly. So sites can elect to give Quantcast the keys to their server metrics. Great! You can check in on your competition. There are a few dating sites that are “quantified.” We went through the top 25 dating sites and found data for Speeddate, OkCupid ...
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    December 24th, 2010
    Important Internet Development ToolsHTML and XMLCounters and AnalyticsHTML Editors
    content/attachments/13054-handyman-jpg.html YNOT – In an economic climate that has many companies and individuals scrimping to afford the necessities, much less luxuries, it’s nicer than ever to discover no-cost and low-cost tools that are truly helpful. Thankfully, the web is home to a vibrant community of open-source product developers who release their creations into the wild free of charge.

    We’ve found five resources we like, and we plan to post future collections as often as possible. If you’re particularly fond of an open-source, freeware or shareware tool, please let us know about it! We’ll credit you for the tip, if you like. Likewise, ...
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    September 25th, 2009
    Counters and Analytics
    Article Preview We all know that Webmasters are generally a lazy bunch. The same holds true for coders, another lazy bunch. And I mean that in an affectionate way because I too am guilty of being lazy. We use software and technology to make life easier – and it isn’t always welcome news when that same technology causes us to do a little work that we never intended to do in the first place.That’s why so many Webmasters use tools like Google Analytics, and then move on to other things with the assumption that they have filled the need for a good Web metrics tool. After all, it has the name GOOGLE right in the title – and who understands the Internet better than Google?

    To be clear, my intention here isn’t to bash Google Analytics, but rather to warn Webmasters that if you’re using Google Analytics for your sole source of statistics about your website’s performance, you’re almost certainly getting only a partial view of the real picture.

    There are a number of reasons why traffic that you receive from Google Analytics might not be 100% accurate. But the purpose of this article is less about why Google Analytics isn’t 100% accurate, and more about fighting the common misconception that it is in fact completely accurate for counting unique visits.

    Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I’ve pulled together a collection of snippets and links from around the Internet that will give you an idea of what various experts as well as average Webmasters think about the accuracy of Google Analytics. So without any further ...
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