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    April 15th, 2014
    Online Adult Marketing TacticsOther Marketing Topics
    content/attachments/21825-pr-mavens-part-4-jpg.html In the first three parts of this series the adult industry’s top PR pros have been making their case, outlining why having a PR agent can help porn stars and adult companies increase their success, wealth, and reach.

    In this final installment, the rubber hits the road. YNOT.com asks the porn PR pros to prove their cases, by detailing actual porn stars whose careers they have helped.

    Our experts include:

    - Brian Gross (www.bsgpr.com)
    - Erika Icon (www.therubpr.com) ...
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    April 14th, 2014
    Online Adult Marketing TacticsOther Marketing Topics
    content/attachments/21820-pr-mavens-part-3-jpg.html In the first two parts of this series on porn and PR, seven of the industry’s top PR professionals explained how they enrich their adult industry clients.

    Now it’s time to ask how stars should shop for the best PR pros – and detect the ones to be avoided.

    The experts who took part in one or more segments in this series include:

    - Brian Gross (www.bsgpr.com)
    - Erika Icon (www.therubpr.com)
    - Jay Kopita (www.deltahousemarketing.com)
    - Roger Pipe (www.pipelinemultimedia.com ...
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    April 11th, 2014
    Online Adult Marketing TacticsOther Marketing Topics
    content/attachments/21817-pr-mavens-part-2-jpg.html In Part One of this series, YNOT.com asked top porn PR pros to explain what they do for their clients, and why they are worth their pay.

    In Part Two, we are asking our porn PR panel what they charge clients for their services, and what the porn stars get for their coin.

    The experts who took part in one or more segments in this series include:

    - Brian Gross (www.bsgpr.com)
    - Erika Icon (www.therubpr.com)
    - Jay Kopita (www.deltahousemarketing.com)
    - Roger Pipe ...
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    April 10th, 2014
    Online Adult Marketing TacticsOther Marketing Topics
    content/attachments/21811-pr-mavens-part-1-jpg.html Do porn stars really need public relations agents to promote their careers? Or would they be wiser to keep their hard-earned cash all to themselves?

    It’s an issue PR professionals face daily in the adult industry, a sector where a great set of boobs or a big cock are commonly believed to be the only necessities for achieving success.

    To get an informed take on the topic, YNOT.com turned to the experts. Brian Gross is President of BSG PR, and his client list includes Joanna Angel, Allie Haze ...
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    June 21st, 2013
    Other Marketing TopicsBusiness News
    By Peter Berton

    LONDON, Ontario – By definition, the adult industry is all about “customer satisfaction.” Yet, when it comes to customer service, some adult websites and services leave their subscribers feeling frustrated, used and willing to look elsewhere — which, when you think about it, is so ironic it’s almost painful.

    That’s where Adult Support Systems comes in. The company is staffed with customer service professionals who provide adult websites and other businesses with friendly, informed and helpful assistance. According to Operations Manager Shauna Getty, outsourcing customer support not only can prevent subscriber churn, but also frees a company’s core staff to attend to other aspects of the bottom line.

    Getty sat down with YNOT to explain ...
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    March 28th, 2013
    Other Marketing TopicsOther Networking Topics
    By Erika Icon

    YNOT – Entrepreneurs typically work endless hours and adopt crazy schedules. They’re driven to succeed.

    Sometimes that drive can hinder productivity. Part of being productive is examining what works and what doesn’t work. Often, going “against the grain” and making changes to behaviors and processes that have become maladaptive is the key to getting even more work done in less time. What a concept!

    Here are five habits you might want to reconsider.

    Positive thinking

    Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 self-help book The Secret had a phenomenal effect on the contemporary landscape. Many other authors and gurus picked up the thread, which advises visualizing goals as though they’ve already been achieved. The theory is that ...
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    February 12th, 2013
    Other Marketing TopicsSocial Networking Online
    By Erika Icon

    YNOT – Reddit has become quite popular over the past few months. Mashable reports the site gets more than three billion page views a month and has 43 million active monthly users.

    Advance Publications bought Reddit for $20 million in 2006. The Conde Nast parent recently set a $240 million value on the company as “a benchmark of determining the allocation of preferred stock.” That makes Reddit’s market value similar to AOL-owned Huffington Post.

    So what is Reddit, exactly? The property calls itself a social news site and employs the slogan “the front page to the internet.” As on other social media websites, ...
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    January 3rd, 2013
    Other Marketing Topics
    By Erika Icon

    YNOT – Juicy Jay is no newbie to the adult internet scene. Thirteen years ago, he sneaked into affiliate marketing of adult products after trying his hand in the mainstream. In 2002, he began selling advertising on his websites, mostly to the same people he served as an affiliate. From that experience evolved the advertising network now known as JuicyAds.

    JuicyAds debuted in 2008; Jay serves as its president. When he’s not looking for new spokes models (called Juicy Babes) or adopting tigers, he’s evaluating statistics, overseeing tweaks to the proprietary code that runs JuicyAds or otherwise working to increase the size and muscle of a network he said delivers more than one billion daily impressions to more than 61,000 websites owned by more ...
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    December 18th, 2012
    Other Marketing TopicsNovelty and Lingerie News
    By Erika Icon

    YNOT – Sex toys are one of the most lucrative product categories in the adult industry. For a long time, novelties were considered the almost-exclusive purview of women. In recent years, though, many manufacturers and retailers have discovered a thriving market in men, both gay and straight.

    As an online marketer, adding sex toys for men to your product mix can add a hefty chunk of change to your bottom line.

    Earlier this year, Men’s Health magazine published an article about the top male toys. Since then, a number of other magazines and websites have followed suit: SexInfo101.com and AskMen.com are only two. Combined with the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, the media assault had everyday men who previously ...
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    October 15th, 2012
    Other Marketing TopicsFacebook and Twitter
    content/attachments/17984-silhouettes-jpg.html YNOT – Businesses have business pages on Facebook and people have personal profiles and never the twain shall meet, right?

    Wrong. If you’re a performer or other creative professional who uses your name as part of your business identity, you may need both kinds of Facebook presences. Or, you may want to consider turning your personal profile into a business page.

    Business pages can be amazing marketing tools. They can do things personal profiles can’t.

    Facebook Insights is one of the biggest benefits attached to business pages, and it’s free. The analysis of traffic to your page indicates ...
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