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    June 28th, 2012
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    By M.Christian

    YNOT – The cliché is true: Time is money. Perhaps nothing illustrates the concept better than the amount of time adult webmasters must invest in their businesses these days just to stand out from the crowd.

    Fortunately, David Jaeger of Search Engine Watch is around to lend a helping hand. Jaeger has put together a brief, easy-to-follow guide to making pay-per-click advertising campaigns pay off without getting lost in the minutiae of figuring everything out for yourself. According to Jaeger, “audience targeting” and all the other buzzwords of the moment are perfectly charming…in theory. But when it comes to planning ad campaigns ...
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    September 8th, 2011
    Online Adult Marketing TacticsAdult Copywriting
    content/attachments/15267-loud-jpg.html YNOT – Are you sitting down? Are you SURE you're sitting down ... because what I am about to say will rock you to the very core of your being, and we here at YNOT cannot take responsible for any injuries that may result in losing consciousness over the tremendous impact of what you are about to read.

    Are you ready? Are you SURE you’re ready? Deep breaths now ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... okay, it looks like you actually, possibly, could be ready to hear this universe-shattering, globally-important announcement.

    Here it goes (take it easy ... take it easy...): "PETA – The People For the Ethical Treatment Of Animals -- says ...
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    July 13th, 2011
    Adult Copywriting
    content/attachments/14893-dont2-jpg.html YNOT – It’s generally best to focus on the positive when dealing with the public as a representative of your business. Pretending the negative doesn’t exist can backfire, though — which is why we’ve taken a few moments to compile a short list of things most people and companies should avoid when dealing with the media.

    Previously, we’ve looked at press release basics and “the ‘do’ list” for PR creation and dissemination. Now let’s take a quick look at a few things you’re better off not doing. A strong press release that is clear and free of mistakes and irritants stands a much better chance of attracting the attention you seek ...
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    June 29th, 2011
    Adult Copywriting
    content/attachments/14754-newsblocks-jpg.html YNOT – In a difficult economy, everyone wants maximum attention for their business for minimal investment. Catching the eye of the media can provide a huge boost in a company’s profile, because the media catches the eyes of potential customers.

    But with so many companies jockeying for the so-called “free advertising” represented by news and feature stories in the press, how does a company go about standing out from the crowd?
    Press releases are one answer. An effective press release may catch a reporter’s or editor’s attention, often leading to at least a mention of your product or service in a way to which readers respond. Agencies and public relations specialists exist to help businesses expand their promotional reach by acting as intermediaries ...
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    April 27th, 2011
    Adult Traffic BasicsAdult Copywriting
    content/attachments/14019-5tips-jpg.html YNOT – Blogs are great for generating traffic, but to get the results you're hoping for, you have to make the right moves. In order to make your blog a traffic magnet, you need to get the following things right.

    Post regularly
    The more often you post on your blog, the more likely it is to remain on the radar of the search engine spiders. And that means once you make a new post, they'll be right there to check it out.

    In addition, regular posts, particularly if they're good quality posts, will inspire people to subscribe to your RSS feed, which will let them know every time you've posted a new item. Return traffic is good traffic.

    Research ...
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    February 22nd, 2011
    Other Design TopicsAdult Copywriting
    content/attachments/13495-keyboard-jpg.html YNOT – Growth in computer expertise and an increased need for translated documents in the global marketplace have led to the development of machine translation systems. Machine translations have moved things forward in the translation industry and do serve a good purpose. However, they do not replace human translators.

    To understand why machine translations do not replace human translations, first we must understand how machine translation works. Early computer translation programs employed grammatical rules and a dictionary to produce a translation. The results were not very good, so modern systems use ...
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    February 16th, 2011
    Adult Copywriting
    content/attachments/13447-question-jpg.html YNOT – When you have something translated, the quality of the translator's work is crucial to your business. A large contract may depend on precisely what your quote package says. Or, if your website is translated incorrectly, subtle cues may turn away potential customers without you realizing what’s happening.

    But how do you go about checking a translator’s work to determine if you received quality output?

    The only way to be certain a translator did a good job is to have the product checked by someone who speaks the target language. If you are not fluent in the target language, find someone who is. Most freelance translators ...
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    February 9th, 2011
    Adult Copywriting
    content/attachments/13373-bookwords-jpg.html YNOT – Are you confused about the language used in the translation world? Do you know the difference between a translation agency, a localization company and a language service provider?

    If you are looking for translation services for the first time, the terms can be a little confusing. Here we’ll define some of the terms so that the next time you are looking for localization services, you will know how to request exactly what you need.

    Inside the industry, there is no difference between a translation agency, a localization company and a language service provider. Companies pick the names they ...
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    January 26th, 2011
    Other TopicsOther Design TopicsAdult Copywriting
    content/attachments/13262-multicultural-jpg.html YNOT – Finding a good localization provider for your website is not just about finding a translator who works in the language pair you seek. Website localization is about appealing to the regional customer, not just insuring he or she is able to read and understand the text.

    A good localization provider not only will understand the rules and grammar of the languages involved, but also have detailed knowledge of the region you are targeting. They will be aware of cultural, political and social situations as well as the language. If the translation team has this additional ...
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    January 20th, 2011
    Search Engine MarketingAdult CopywritingOther Marketing Topics
    content/attachments/13222-worldwide-jpg.html YNOT – As with your original website, any localized web pages need to be properly marketed to increase the likelihood of your potential customers finding your product or service. It will do you no good to spend money translating your website into other languages if no one can find the site amongst the clutter on the internet.

    Promoting a localized website is no different from promoting a “normal” website. In fact, the same strategy used to set up your original site can be used again. The only difference is that you must advertise the pages in more than one language. Just be sure to ...
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