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    December 21st, 2012
    Other Business ModelsMarketing on Mobile Devices
    By Nuria Gonzalez

    – The mobile phone was the most popular Christmas gift in 2010 and 2011, and tablet computers are the big thing on this year’s Christmas lists. There couldn’t be a better time to transform your casual dating business, or launch one, by going mobile this festive season.

    If you’re an experienced online casual dating veteran, you’ll know from experience that searches and pay-per-click traffic shoot up from Boxing Day onwards. The first week of January generally is the best of the year, setting the bar for the months to follow: The volume of impressions and clicks ...
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    September 4th, 2012
    Other Billing TopicsOther Business ModelsMarketing on Mobile Devices
    By Erika Icon

    YNOT – 2012 very well could be the year of Joey Gabra. In late 2011, he accepted the position of managing director at Affil4You, a subsidiary of Paris-based mobile services provider Wister. A few months later, Affil4You won a major industry award.

    Now, Gabra and his company have been nominated for three YNOT Awards, including a personal nomination for Gabra in the Best Adult Company Rep category.
    Knowing little about Joey Gabra, I was intrigued to know more. I was impressed by his honesty and openness, and you will be, too.

    How did you get into the adult industry?

    Joey Gabra: From 1999 to 2003, I started working in basic online marketing and [search engine optimization], primarily focusing on the music industry. In 2004, I was approached by a company called Juicy Entertainment and helped them launch their adult social ...
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    July 12th, 2012
    Marketing on Mobile DevicesWireless
    By Julia Dimambro

    YNOT – I was born in the 1970s, and like most young girls of that time, I assumed I would grow up and become a princess by marrying Britain’s Prince Andrew (that was a near miss, hey?) or failing that, become a veterinarian, saving puppies and kittens for a living. Absolutely nowhere on my list of dream careers did I notice “become the founder and owner of an adult mobile company (and yes, my parents are proud!).

    What I’m trying to say is that I am the most unlikely person to be heading up an adult mobile business for the past nine years. As such, I probably have a slightly slanted view of the adult industry, what it represents and how to make money from it.

    As a result, I have ...
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    February 1st, 2012
    Marketing on Mobile Devices
    content/attachments/16230-crystalball-jpg.html By Julia Dimambro

    YNOT – What will make the big waves — and bucks — in mobile adult entertainment during 2012?

    Obviously, depending on the industry sector (billing, affiliation, chat, content, technology, etc.), opinions will vary. So instead of providing just my company’s angle on this, I have asked some of the biggest movers and shakers in mobile adult entertainment to give their predictions on where the industry may be heading in the next 12 months.

    I want to express a big “thank you” to the contributors, all of whom are industry peers I have come to respect very much. As far as I’m concerned, this list is gospel!

    Convergence emerges as a major market force
    Users of adult sites increasingly are accessing their chosen services via a range of different devices. It is not unusual for users of our services to log in using a PC and a mobile or tablet device. Customers who remain unable to access the services from sites they are signed up for on all of the devices they own will be leaving those services and joining others.

    —Steven Shields
    Katina Leisure Ltd.

    Premium full-length movies, free content dominate
    Consumers will expect to view full-length, high-quality video content across all their devices as they ...
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    January 4th, 2012
    Marketing on Mobile Devices
    By Julia Dimambro

    YNOT – When you combine the constantly changing landscape that is the mobile industry with the renowned innovation for which the adult entertainment industry is famous, how on earth do you identify the right business model for your business?

    Let’s face it: If you’re anything like me, you are presented with a cavalcade of potential business opportunities on a weekly basis. But with mobile, most of the time you are travelling on an unpaved road. So much of it hasn’t existed before, so you have no case studies to refer to and only your gut instinct as to what you think will generate the big bucks and what won’t.

    In theory, adult entertainment should narrow the scope of possible outcomes. The sheer consumer demand for adult entertainment leads us to ...
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    November 11th, 2011
    Marketing on Mobile DevicesWirelessContent Management Software
    content/attachments/15694-lifering-jpg.html By AJ Hall

    YNOT – The word “mobile” has been popping up an awful lot over the past few years. That’s not without reason. For our industry, the mobile push means there’s a new medium for delivering adult content, and this is a very good thing.

    As we head into 2012, use of mobile phones is so common that if a site isn’t mobile-compatible now, it’s already a couple of years behind the times.

    Just about everyone we consider a potential customer has something in common: They own a mobile phone. Over time, we’re becoming more dependent upon our phones for communication, organization, information and personal interaction. Many of us are practically glued to our phones. ...
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    September 16th, 2011
    Niche ContentMarketing on Mobile DevicesTechnology News
    By Julia Dimambro

    YNOT – One of things I love most about working in new media is that the playing field is constantly changing. There is never an opportunity to get complacent, because you are always having to learn something new and adjust your business accordingly in order to “stay in the game.”

    Mobile entertainment tends to be at the epicentre of this concept with its mind-blowingly rapid and constantly changing landscape that affects day-to-day business. The launch of the iPhone is one of the best examples of this. Everything we knew, the way we worked, the way we structured deals and the entire value chain altered with the release of this single phone. Amazing!

    On the flipside, for self-funded, smaller businesses (including much of the adult industry), this can be quite a challenge. How on earth do you know which areas of opportunity ...
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    May 20th, 2011
    Other Business ModelsMarketing on Mobile Devices
    By Julia Dimambro

    YNOT – Around two years ago, I was struggling to get my head around mobile applications, or “apps.” Were they on-device portals (which never really took off)? Were they games (which did, but as adult mobile games don’t sell, not much opportunity for my company, Cherry Media)? Or were they simply a more creative technical environment in which to promote and present service in a more compelling way?

    A revered industry colleague of mine enlightened me by saying, “Apps are just another way to package content, services and entertainment.” This simplified the whole concept for me enormously and opened up a plethora of innovative ideas about how you could take, in my case, immersive fantasies to the next level AND have the access point right there on your customer’s mobile home screen. ...
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    March 15th, 2011
    Business Models for Adult WebsitesMarketing on Mobile DevicesBusiness News
    content/attachments/13678-sxswinteractive-jpg.html By Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, PhD

    YNOT – I have mixed feelings about South by Southwest, but when I heard this year’s incarnation of the annual music/film/interactive festival in Austin, Texas, would feature a panel entitled “Profiting in Adult: The Recession is Over”… well, I just had to brave the Hilton downtown and weasel my way in.

    According to the panel description in the program guide, “The last few years the adult online industry saw a perfect storm of the recession, content piracy and lack of innovation that caused some companies to lose as much as 90 percent of their profit margins and several others to close up shop entirely. While many are still reeling and struggling to make ends meet, now that much of the smoke ...
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    January 21st, 2011
    Marketing on Mobile Devices
    content/attachments/13231-mobilelockout-jpg.html By Michelle Howe

    YNOT – How does your website look on a handheld device? Is it easy to navigate? Is the most important information readily available to your visitors? Is your website mobile-web-ready?

    Ten years ago, most small business owners didn't have a website and probably didn't see the need for one. Now, a business without a website is considered second-rate, at best. A website is a necessity for doing business in the 21st Century. Also a necessity in the 21st Century is a website that can be viewed easily on a handheld device.

    iPhones, BlackBerries, Windows Mobile-based smartphones and the iPad all have changed the way people consume online information. In the ...
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