Deerfield Beach, Florida: YNOTRADIO.COM, a free internet based radio network focused on the Adult/high competition marketplaces is proud to announce the launch of Marketing Moments, sponsored by MovieDollars.com a subsidiary of National A-1."Marketing Moments" are two to three minute informational radio segments promoting progressive concepts for marketing oneself or a company. These informational radio spotlights, which will air throughout upcoming months are developed and voiced by James Seibert, Director of Marketing for MovieDollars.com/National A-1.<br /> <br /> “MovieDollars has been an advertiser on YNOTRADIO.COM since its launch in May, 2004. In this time we have gotten to know James and his team and have been extremely impressed by his forward thinking, successful marketing schemes and the continued strong growth of National A-1 as a whole. It is truly a gift for our listeners to have the opportunity to glean important money making strategies from a marketing pro and peer,” Exclaims Daron (SEGuru) Babin.<br /> <br /> Seibert, spearheads MovieDollars.com, the affiliate program for their HotMovies.com site. Initially Hotmovies was one of James' side projects that eventually consumed 90% of National A-1's Internet staff and 100% of James' time. In addition HotMovies.com some of their top converting sites include; : FetishMovies.com , GayHotMovies.com.com ,HentaiVOD.com, TabooVOD.com, VintageMovies.com, and VOD.com<br /> <br /> “We have chosen to get involved with YNOTRADIO.com in part because they have created a live and interactive environment for people to share information to help keep them ahead of the money curve. It makes me feel good that I will be giving back to a community I benefit from,” Explains Seibert “Hopefully my years of experience and diligent research can help guide webmasters in the right direction.”<br /> <br /> About YNOTRADIO<br /> YNOTRADIO is the premiere community-based destination for high-competition Webmasters offering unique and timely programming. To become part of a rapidly growing lineup of educational and entertaining programming and to take advantage of incredible advertising opportunities for your upwardly mobile business, please contact Brandy@YNOTRADIO.COM.<br /> <br /> About National A-1<br /> National A-!, heritage organization in the Internet business community, has been in business since 1988. In addition to its Internet presence, National A-1 is also one of the largest audio text companies on the globe.
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