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Straight from the little bitch boy content thief and copyright infringer

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by , October 22nd, 2011 at 09:30 PM (3235 Views)
As received in my YNOT PM folder after catching the little fucktard posting copyrighted material on his website and telling his posters to also post copyrighted material on his website. Exposed the little bitch boy and now these are my fan mail from him..

  • ...and you could have made over $2k off of me

Earlier this summer I built a FB app with a guy along with some other work. He made a little over $2k off of me.
Maybe next time you shouldn't be such a meany and I'll consider you.

My reply: Re: ...and you could have made over $2k off of me
I probably wouldn't have taken it after considering your track record of copyright infringment.

What a fucking tool. Can you believe this little asswipe actually thinks that real people of integrity can be bought with a few thousand dollars? JLProductions is just another thief is sheeps clothing. His websites are full of stolen content and the stupid fuck actually came to YNOT asking for help and directing people to his forum of illegal content. I mean how stupid can you get kid? Do you also go to the police and tell them someone stole all you weed?

OH wait, he just replied to my reply.


Re: ...and you could have made over $2k off of me
I had a premonition that was how you would respond, faggot!


I see your time at YNOT has taught you nothing. And you still use the terminology of a 12 year old. Some of my good friends are gay and bisexual and for the purpose of this post.. Yes fucker, I am a fag and fucking proud of it. Now take your little mind and try GOFUCKYOURSELF as I'm sure a little twirp like you will fit right in.

Updated October 23rd, 2011 at 09:56 AM by mass-dad

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  1. mass-dad's Avatar
    We are not friends, I don't like how you do business, Steal it till you make it isn't a wise business plan.

    I have all faith in believing that this is not humor motivated. What you think everyone just fell off the turnip truck? You think I wasn't going to expose you as the slime ball you are again? I'm going to enjoy taking you to the cleaners.. going to enjoy it a lot.
  2. mass-dad's Avatar
    "and for the purpose of this post.. Yes fucker, I am a fag and fucking proud of it. "

    Stop being an idiot.. read before you beg for forgivness.


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