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Bitcoin better than paypal,webmoney,or credit card?

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by , September 3rd, 2013 at 05:47 AM (1467 Views)
Bitcoins are the hottest topic in digital currency and both internet

surfers and online service and product providers are intrigued at their

potential purchasing power. There are clear benefits to accepting

payments via bitcoins: merchants can join privately using their email

address, no personal/financial/company information is required and there is no risk of identity theft. Customers can pay with Bitcoins without worrying about

rebills and there is no restriction by country - bitcoins can be used

globally. is one of the major bitcoin payment processor offering Bitcoins as a method of payment, with a 0.5% transaction fees as incentive to

users to try Bitcoin payment right away.

"Bitcoins are a high demand option for both consumers and merchants,"

"We are able to accept bitcoin payments AND track and pay affiliates for

these sales. It opens up a new world of consumers for our affiliates and

partners to tap into and allows our customers an additional payment

option that many feel more comfortable utilizing than their paypal, debit or

credit cards."

Positive feedback from adult consumers, affiliates, and partners abound.

"I love the idea of the Network accepting

Bitcoins from customers," said a BTCMerch user.

"Everyone talks about tube sites and file sharing, and there is no doubt

that those things have hurt our industry. But I personally think credit

card bangers and shady join forms have hurt it more. Allowing surfers to

pay in Bitcoin removes the very real fear that their $5 trial is going

to end up costing them $500. They also don't have to worry about getting

stuckin a difficult-to-cancel rebill scenario. They just pay and enjoy

their membership. I think all that will result in increased conversions.

Up until now, outside of disposable, pre-paid cards, there have not been

payment options that allay their concerns."

There is undoubtedly a market for bitcoin sales, created by demand from

the consumer, and online sellers are listening to their customers needs.

While there is much controversy over bitcoin value and the future of

bitcoin regulation, the fact is that bitcoins are a means of currency

accepted by a growing population of online shoppers. is striving to meet the needs of their customer base

by adding bitcoin as an alternative payment option.

"Providing various payment options to consumers is something all

ecommerce driven businesses strive to do, "Offering

bitcoins as a payment choice allows our customers more ability to choose

the payment form that suits them best."


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