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Nude GoGo Dancers DVD Release out NOW! Press Release!!!

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by , August 26th, 2013 at 08:54 PM (7856 Views)
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Valkyrie Presents
Nude GoGo Dancers
August 28th, 2013

Valkyrie Presents launches new adult niche GoGoŽ
New Adult Niche (GoGoŽ) / Nude GoGo Dancers Release

Valkyrie announces the release of the adult series GoGoŽ / Nude GoGo Dancers under the trademarked niche GoGoŽ in August 2013. The first limited DVD release will be available on the website and content under GoGoŽ will be distributed to various national video and online distribution websites.

The GoGoŽ video series and content is a fresh and new face to the industry's over used themes, niches and categories. The video series Nude GoGo Dancers is sexy and is voyeurism at its best. The brand of the image being established will begin a trend under the new niche category of GoGoŽ and will provide the opportunity to expose an entire series under its stylistic look. The vibrant debut release is hip with an uptempo soundtrack. Nude GoGo Dancers features the behind the scene and secret lifestyles of GoGo dancers performing in implied nudity/nude adult acts showcasing themes and locations appealing to a voyeur audience. Themes will showcase GoGo dance apparel and elaborate accessories to create mystery of the featured models creating an unique image to the brand.

Nude GoGo Dancers content features female/male GoGo Dancers of different backgrounds dancing to licensed music for private viewing. GoGoŽ / Nude GoGo Dancers will follow with a series to be distributed on numerous Pay Per View Channels featuring selectable Nude GoGo Dancers. The brand GoGoŽ / Nude GoGo Dancers will expand to feature top industry professionals and stars in the adult industry. GoGoŽ will also fall into sub categories such as, Asian GoGoŽ, Petite GoGoŽ, GoGoŽ Creampie, GoGoŽ Fetish, GoGoŽ Gay, GoGoŽ Male, GoGoŽ Porn Star and other cross niche categories related to the adult industry.

The brand GoGoŽ / Nude GoGo Dancers is currently seeking affiliates in production and distribution to produce new content and distribute releases under the brand Nude GoGo Dancers and niche of GoGoŽ.

Please contact Dale S' Amanté for license opportunity, brand affiliation or other information on GoGoŽ / Nude GoGo Dancers.

Dale S' Amante
CEO / Brand Licensor
Valkyrie / GoGo Media



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