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    I have just registered to your sexy blog.
    Yet found something good..
    I am Cathy from France :
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    i like it man.
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    That's some interesting stuff you've put up there. I've been toying with the idea of promoting via facebook (I've used twitter exclusively up to this point) and this just might give me the motivation - and the ideas to make it doable.

    Great stuff


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    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to GFELIFE - - our Wonderful World of Erotica!!
    It's been a very long 6 months creating this website for your viewing
    pleasure Many, many hours of filming, traveling, and editing. We tried
    to create a Member's site with all the bells and whistles. Most people are
    used to surfing the free tube sites, so we tried to integrate similar
    features into our site. The ability to search/filter by tags, most
    clicked, top rated, etc. It's what surfers are used to, so we decided it
    was best to give it to them!

    We've had this vision for over 10 years now on what the perfect style of
    erotica should consist of and we finally took the plunge, and went full
    force on making it happen! We hooked up with a kick-ass make-up artist,
    she's amazing, creates a total glam look for all of our models. We are
    aiming to keep this site, sexy, classy, a bit artistic and a little

    We value our members input so the site will evolve over time, mainly
    listening to what they have to say, suggestions for shoots, outfits, etc.

    I hope we've succeeded and you'll give us a chance to bring you endless
    hours of hot, steamy, sexy erotica!! No filler, just plain, hot action

    You can join our affiliate program at:

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    Hi browneyedbiker we have a SC specific forum just for SC girls to post pics and add their links or banners just visit and in forums you'll see the southern charms forum where you can post your links or banners when you share some pics, hope to see you there, some SC girls post regular blogs with pics updates there as well feel free to do the same
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    delete account
    Updated June 28th, 2014 at 12:57 PM by browneyedbiker (delete)
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    We need and support amateur girl sites, get high quality free traffic when you post your link at our site when uploading some pics for the troops
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    Awesome insight Pete, I do go to some military sites but never thought of offering any kind of sponsorship,love that idea and thx for the tip on making the theme more basic, it's been a long time thing on my mind, I'm sure hearing that input will make me go with your idea as I've felt the same way... Calendar, love it been thinking of that as well now to put it into action, lol thx so much for your input,I get very little and just do trial and error so it's much appreciated.
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    First of all, congrats on getting 14,000 members. As a community builder myself, I can tell you that getting past 10,000 members is the hardest part. So, great job!

    IMHO, in a community environment your best bet is community driven content. My experience is that most communities resist anything that smacks of being too commercial. Besides, if you bring in hired guns with professional photography, you might make the armatures self conscious about uploading.

    Instead, why not create a contest for best photo contributions and then take the winners and make a calendar (do a rolling 18 month calendar every 9 or 12 months) ? Make it a big deal to be in the calendar. Sell the calendars to your members or make it part of an exclusive subscription package.

    As far as traffic goes, there are a bunch of military forums available. Are you on any of them? They are all hurting for sponsors. Seems to me that is your core base for membership, right?

    Finally, if I may sat so with respect, your vBulletin theme hurts my eyes. It looks like a stealth fighter skunk-works project gone bad. I'd highly recommend letting your content do its job and take a minimalist theme approach. Highlight the babes, not the header. On that note, vBulletin has a new Mobile interface that's perfect for viewing HMG on the go. After all, if Service members want to view your site while at work they can't very well do it on a .mil or .gov computer and keep their job.

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